The Vacirca Brothers, Franco (right) & Demetrio (left)

to the VB-Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Network Europe

Dear active and future VB-GJJNE trainers/instructors

Every year, now for over 28 years (!) I must contact you regarding the student licenses. Most of my long-time school partners know the procedure and it is all automatic: at the end of November (latest beginning of December) of each year, I must receive from you the student license (with the official excel sheet including family name, first name, actual belt color, birth date and email address of each student, regardless of age and sex) and via bank transfer the total license fees from your school.

Here again the most important information about the licenses:

1) Costs and validity of the VB-GJJNE student license: The GJJ student license is to be obtained from the first day (entry into the Club/Gym/Dojo). The license costs EUR 60.- (in Switzerland, CHF 70.-) per calendar year (1.01.-31.12.2023). Members who enroll after June 30, must pay EUR 30.- for the second half of the year. Members who enroll after October 31, will pay automatically for the new calendar year.

1.1) Student benefits: The student license covers completely all costs of a belt recognition by the VB-GJJNE and Jiu-Jitsu Global Federation (President Rickson Gracie). With the VB-GJJNE student license one also receives the respective VB-GJJNE belt certification. Please note, that additional certification by the JJFG (or IBJJF) is not included (see 2.3. and 2.4.).

1.2) Additional payment for graduation: Additional payment for unpaid student licenses may be requested if the student/trainer can prove that a member was present during the required training period (known as TIME-IN-BELT) but was unable to obtain the mandatory license (because of personal, family, or working reasons).

1.3) Calculation of an additional payment for students: BLUE BELT (2 license years x EUR 60.- = EUR 120.-); PURPLE BELT (Blue belt + 2 license years); BROWN BELT (Blue belt + Purple belt + 2 license years).

2) Color belt recognition or upgrades: To be recognized as a BLUE BELT, you must have at least 2-4 years of membership. For the belt colors Purple, Brown and Black, another 2+ years are required.

2.1) Expert and Examination Committee: Only certified Black belt (1st degree) holders can award up to Brown belt.
Black belt (without degree) trainers are allowed to award Purple belt. Brown belt trainers are allowed to award Blue belts.
Purple and Blue belt trainers cannot award any belts.

2.2) Note 1: All belts must be approved and confirmed by the VB-GJJNE Headquarters. Certification are awarded only through the VB-GJJNE Headquarters.

3) Black belt recognition and upgrades: To be recognized as a VB-GJJNE Black belt, the Black belt candidate must know and be able to present the complete VB-GJJNE 54-Lessons curriculum.

3.1) Probationary period for non-members, but who want to become one: Persons joining us from other schools and organizations will be given a so-called “probationary period” (known as BELT-IN-TEST) – pronounced according to the belt color, for: BLUE (1 year), PURPLE (2 years), BROWN (3 years) and BLACK (4 years).

3.3) ICP advanced education: This also applies to “returners” and those instructors who have not participated in ICP training for more than three (3) years. Black belt instructors should try to attend at least the SUMMER HEAT CAMP or the AUTUMN INTERNATIONAL MEETING. Those unable to attend SHC or AIM must attend at least 2 (two) full ICP workshops or 4 (four) individual ICP training days per annual calendar.

3.4) Homologation: In principle, no Judo, Sambo, Luta-Livre or Grappling grades (belts) will be homologated. Everybody is welcome, but you must follow our guidelines from the beginning. If you come from another BJJ organization, then your current belt grade is accepted but not yet recognized. During the “probationary period” (see also 3., 3.1., 3.2., 3.3.) you get enough time to train technically, so that you are then recognized by the VB-GJJNE Headquarters.

4.1) Until the definite admission, at least 10 members must be registered. As soon as the member can show 10 or more members and obtain a license for them, it can be appointed as an official member by the VB-GJJNE Headquarters as a partner-school. The official recognition will be communicated in writing. Individuals, or partner schools, who cannot meet the minimum requirements will be revoked as partner schools or official instructors. The belt degree will continue to have its recognition provided the member continues to obtain their student license through Headquarters.

4.2) Exclusion from the network / deletion of membership: A downgrade (of the belt level) will be made if the person – who is in a “probationary period”, cannot meet the technical requirements. The VB-GJJNE also always reserves the right to no longer keep a person / member in the network and thus terminate / delete membership with immediate effect.

5) Management of the network: The Network is managed exclusively by the Franco Vacirca and his staff at One Dojo Zurich. The network has no National or Regional Representatives, except for the officially recognized GRACIE INSTRUCTOR “Ambassadors” who have been given a special authorization to conduct the official ICP/Instructor Certification Program workshops in their region, always under the personal supervision of Franco Vacirca, as head of the Technical Board and Trainers.

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