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Our best Affiliation program for future Gracie Instructors...

Unser bestes Affiliation-Programm für zukünftige Gracie Instructors…



Thank you for your interest in our Gracie Instructor Affiliation program. Please allow us to briefly outline the most important points. Of course, you can always contact us by email

Vielen Dank für dein Interesse an unserem Gracie Instructor Affiliation Programm. Bitte erlaube uns, die wichtigsten Punkte kurz zu erläutern. Natürlich kannst du dich jederzeit per E-Mail an uns wenden:

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1. Member student licenses:

The annual network student license costs CHF 70.00 / EUR 60.00 (per calendar year and person).

2. School instructor licenses:

There is no extra charge for school affiliation.

3. Homogenization (recognition) of your current Belt rank:

Your current degree (rank) will be adopted and recognized by us initially, according to the information we receive and information we can verify from your teacher. In the course of time, the instructor must complete his own Gracie Program training with us. For this purpose, it is important that you visit us.

In the first year, the instructor will begin to integrate our Gracie Program (54-classes) into his own program, based on our guidelines and instructional program. Furthermore, he can offer his existing BJJ/MMA/No-Gi… program. However, it is important for the future evaluation of the members that all students must master the complete Gracie Program.

4. The recognition of the current Belt colors of your students:

Will be done after the instructor has been officially recognized. The above student license covers all the cost of graduation and certification. The new BJJ belt is not included and must be purchased by the school instructor. He can do this in any martial arts shop. The certificates will be issued by us and send it to you. Certifications must be request in writing.

5. JJGF and / or IBJJF recognition and membership:

Our members can join these two organizations at their own request and need. All our school-partners and teachers will be registered at no extra cost to the JJGF/Jiu-Jitsu Global Federation []. The extra costs for additional membership must be paid by the member itself.

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