Gracie Instructor (European Network) Support Video – Week 1

This is the first support-video by Prof. Franco Vacirca for our Network Partners, in addition to the new DVD “Gracie Fundamentals” produced by BUDO INTERNATIONAL and available in different languages. Please contact us if you have any question and suggestions. Thank you! E-Mail to Network page: http://www.graciejiujitsu.euAcademy page:

Our Members Structure || Unsere Mitglieder-Struktur

[Deutsch unten] CGJJNE is composed of: Senior Gracie Instructors [Professor](Black belt, 4th degree and above)The entitled person (Braz. Professor de Jiu-Jitsu) represents in full our network. They are exempted from the annual fee since they pay “Student Licenses” to the European headquarters. He / she must hold at least 4th degree Black belt by theContinue reading “Our Members Structure || Unsere Mitglieder-Struktur”

Our Student membership || Unsere Schüler-Mitgliedschaft

[Deutsch unten] The Annual Student License fee (in Switzerland) is CHF 70.00, and in Germany, Austria it is EUR 60.00 per calendar year and person. In other countries, such as Italy, Spain, Russia, and Greece, it is EUR 50.00, and in countries like Brazil and North Africa it is EUR 40.00 per calendar year andContinue reading “Our Student membership || Unsere Schüler-Mitgliedschaft”

Our Instructor program || Unser Trainer-Programm

[Deutsch unten] Join one of our Study Groups You are welcome to join anytime one of our study groups (or partner-schools) listed on our official website Our academy leaders represent and care the name of CGJJNE whenever offering any GRACIE BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU training. We regularly train together, and our partner-schools invite our Chief-instructor Prof.Continue reading “Our Instructor program || Unser Trainer-Programm”