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Dear Student members, Affiliate partner schools
and Associate instructors

The Vacirca Brothers – Carley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Network Europe is growing every year, and therefore also our possibilities of offering special benefits to our members. We would like to thank you for the great support and trust that you give us, and we hope to continue our mission together for many years from here.

Student members benefits:

With the payment of your Annual Network-License you will get the following benefits…

  • 10% plus Discount: you can participate in any VB-CGJJNE event (seminar, training camp, instructor course, tournament etc.) with a special price reduction of 10% plus, depending on the host pricing.
  • Free Testing and Belt Certification: you can test and certify FREE-OF-CHARGE (value of EUR 150,00 for each belt certification) with the VB-CGJJNE for next Belt upgrade if you attend one of Professor Franco Vacirca, Professor Demetrio Vacirca, or Grandmaster Carley Gracie seminar.
  • Free Access to Gracie Network Online: provide us with your email-address and get FREE-OF-CHARGE access to our professional Online program, which includes the original GM Pedro Hemetério – Hélio Gracie curriculum of 54 lessons. An extra value of EUR 450+ per year:
  • Special Gear Discount: the only legitime official gear producer for VB-CGJJNE offers you a special “member only” pricing in Training Gis, Rashguards, Fight shorts and more… check out our new VB-CGJJNE Shop!

…and much more COMING SOON!

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Published by Franco Vacirca

Martial arts and self-defense instructor since 1989, Consultant, Author, and Public Speaker. Founder of the very first Gracie/BJJ Academy in Europe (1995). I consider myself a Visionary Entrepreneur.