School Benefits

With the payment of your Partner-School membership, you will get the following

  • Free-of-charge “Instructor Certification Program” training at our
    Headquarters: train directly from the source with the Vacirca Brothers.
    Attend for FREE at any of Professor Franco Vacirca ICP training in Zurich,
    Switzerland. Check here the upcoming ICP dates:
  • After completion of the ICP course, get your official GRACIE INSTRUCTOR
    certification (value of EUR 550,00) at no extra charge! The prestigious
    GRACIE INSTRUCTOR certification is yours after accomplishing fully the ICP
  • Free Color belt certification during apprenticeship: during your complete
    apprenticeship the testing and Color belt certification is free-of-charge
    (value of EUR 120,00 for each belt color).
  • Free-of-charge access to our Gracie Concepts Online program: this is a
    professional Online program, and now with a completely new layout and
    follow-up system, that guarantees you 100% success. Check it out here:
  • Special GRACIE INSTRUCTOR Teaching material: get automatically
    upgraded to our “Instructor Only” (Google Drive account), with the access
    of all our extra material, including the newest edition of the “VB-CGJJNE
    Instructor Workbook” free-of-charge!!
    …and more added soon!

Brush up your skills

Join our GRACIE JIU-JITSU online courses to enhance your self-defence skills.

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