Members Structure

The European Network is composed of the following members:

Senior Instructor (Black belt, 4th degree and above)
The entitled person is also titled “Professor de Jiu-Jitsu” (Brazilian), represents in full the network. The person holds at least a 4th degree Black belt under the network.

Full Instructor (Black belt, 2nd degree or above)
The entitled person represents in full the network. He/she can give up to FAIXA MARROM (brown belt) to his member-students. Please note, that FAIXA PRETA (black belts and higher GRAU (stripes) are awarded only by the Technical Commission (TC).

Apprentice Instructor (Trainers, with a colored belt)
The entitled person represents the network in his school / group under the supervision of a Full Instructor. Person holds at least a FAIXA AZUL (blue belt) and is fully committed to be supervised by the Technical Commission (TC).

Student member (all colored Belts)
The entitled person must be an active Jiu-Jitsu student. They must pay an Annual License fee to the International HQ. The entitled person has the right to be tested up to FAIXA PRETA (black belt) and to be officially certified free-of-charge. Belt graduations will take place during an official TC testing.

Published by Franco Vacirca

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